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Extended Reality

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23 years in the business always on the lookout trying to understand processes and keeping an eye on ways to improve the usual way of doing things.

Luca is a spark plug with appetite for doing things that have never been done before.
Luca has throughout his career been leading the interactive design and concept forward in any work assigned in the entertainment industry (VR, AR, VFX, VIDEO MAPPING, FILM).

Luca was partner & creative director of Punto Rec Studios, a hybrid agency and production company. Punto Rec Studios was a subsidiary to Palomar SpA producing all the video contents for EXPO 2015 – PAVILION ZERO.

Luca has worked extensively with Cinematic VR producing the first VR experience for the national italian TV (RAI UNO).

During his spare time, Luca traveled by bicycle to Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, France, Spain, Portugal and Brazil.


At present, Luca is busy paving the way for the future of storytelling for Extended Reality.

“It’s what YOU do in The dark That puts YOU in The light”