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Luca Grivet Brancot


Cinematographer & Mixed Reality Producer

I'm Luca, an Italian professional with extensive experience in the entertainment industry and fluency in three languages. 

Since 2019, I've been calling Brazil home, adding new dimensions to my already remarkable journey in this field.

My career has been a dedicated pursuit of unraveling processes and discovering innovative pathways that transcend the ordinary. My passion thrives in crafting unforeseen scenarios that push the boundaries of what's conceivable.


As the Head of Video, I've consistently orchestrated remarkable outcomes across a diverse range of ventures, including FILMS, COMMERCIALS, VR, AR, and VFX. Additionally, my role as a first assistant director for numerous globally renowned movies and internationally acclaimed TV commercials has granted me a unique insight into the intricate dynamics of productions of grand scale.


I've also worn the hats of cinematographer and/or producer for an array of projects, including feature-length movies in collaboration with esteemed companies like Lionsgate. My journey has extended into documentaries and commercials, partnering with renowned brands such as Ferrero, Findus, Same, Audi, Frau, Bmw, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, and other world-renowned brands. This immersive experience has enriched my understanding of visual storytelling and contributed to the diverse skill set I bring to the table.


My journey also encompasses being a former partner and creative director at Punto Rec Studios, a role that equipped me with the prowess to oversee the entirety of video content for EXPO 2015 - PAVILION ZERO. This achievement stands as a testament to my capacity to lead and innovate at the paramount level.


One of my proudest moments is spearheading the creation of a pioneering VR experience for Italian national TV (RAI UNO). My profound grasp of Cinematic VR has paved the way for stellar achievements in this burgeoning domain. Driven by an unquenchable thirst for trailblazing, I am constantly in pursuit of novel challenges to conquer.


Beyond my professional zeal, I'm an avid explorer of the world on two wheels. From Argentina to Cuba, Denmark to Brazil, I've traversed various landscapes, accumulating experiences that invigorate my perspective and enrich my work.


Embodying the belief that "It's what YOU do in the dark that puts YOU in the light," I'm resolute in my conviction that action is the catalyst for success.


If you're seeking a creative virtuoso capable of propelling you toward your aspirations, your search concludes here with Luca.

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